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Emission and Environment
Dronecheck provides a number of manual and aerial inspection services to customers. This work usually entails multiple visits to the same site in a year - many requiring our pilots to be onsite to perform aerial emissions monitoring or other aerial inspections. Since we own and utilize the industry's most advanced drone platforms and sensors, our customers began asking us to perform drone-based aerial mapping and emission monitoring for their operations while onsite. Customers reported our work to be highly accurate and found our services decreased their costs and improved their operations. Our aerial mapping and emission work has since grown, along with our capabilities.
Today, customers ask us to perform aerial mapping along with our other services. We collect images taken by our drones and ROV’s and process them using advanced photogrammetry software to create orthorectified images and 3D models. We provide these outputs to engineers, who then use them for calculations, measurements, and additional modeling.  
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